Georgia’s Place is a permanent housing facility for formerly homeless, mentally ill adults. We are located in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. The facility provides social and psychiatric services, medical care, and food/health education to assist the residents in leading an independent life.

Last year, the staff at Georgia’s Place experimented with container gardening on the roof. Because of its success and abundance of (rooftop) farm fresh vegetables harvested, we continued the garden this summer. This year, we are experimenting with a wider range of vegetables and are focusing on complimentary planting to enhance both the production and flavor of the vegetables.

Georgia’s Place is currently the pick up site for the 2010 Crown Heights CSA. Since 2009, the CSA generously donates all leftover shares to the residents of Georgia’s Place. A drastic change (for the better) in the eating habits among the residents has occurred simply by the access to these farm fresh, organic vegetables. Watching this transformation encouraged us to continue our partnership with the Crown Heights community and take our garden to the next step: The Georgia’s Place Rooftop Farm.

Our eventual plan is to fit our roof with a fully functioning rooftop production farm for the 2011 planting season (Georgia’s Place Rooftop Farm). The Roof Farm Project we envision for Georgia’s Place involves multifaceted uses and production. One aspect of the farm is simply the production of vegetables/fruits/herbs/and flowers to supplement the residents’ food budgets by providing year round harvesting of the food that is produced on the roof. Almost by definition, our residents have had limited access to and information regarding healthy foods. That said; another aspect of the farm is to provide “hands on” knowledge of the cultivation of produce. In addition, our Health Educator and Nutritionist will provide the residents with knowledge of nutrition and preparation of the products of the Roof Farm.

Please follow our blog for updates on our current garden and information regarding the development of our farm.

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