Posted by: David Watts | June 20, 2010

the farmer kept his word.

Last Tuesday, Will Lee of Sang Lee Farms arrived at Georgia’s Place and unloaded crate after crate of vegetables for the second CSA distribution. The last item out of his enormous truck was a tray full of plants for our rooftop! Sweet! The plants included a bunch of heirloom tomatoes (black prince, cherokee purple, black zebra), yellow grape tomatoes, green giants, zepher squash, straightneck zucchini, cucumbers and starship squash.

the goods.

As the photos show, we do not have much room left in most of our beds (they resemble a crowded subway during rush hour), so we improvised and used old buckets and the Fresh Lee Cut boxes that the vegetables came in. Will punched holes in the bottom of the buckets and we simply lined the cardboard boxes and filled them up with dirt. The tomatoes are planted near the railing so that they can be tied up once they grow. A couple of them already have fruits sprouting! We cannot wait to slice into them.

will & yemi with our new plant friends.

buckets of tomatoes.

Thanks to Sang Lee Farms, our rooftop has nearly 15 new plants, and we have much more to water each day!

we love water!

posing with the new additions.


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