Posted by: David Watts | June 4, 2010

Saara saves the day!

On Wednesday, our friend Saara Nafisi, from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, paid the Rooftop a visit…and she came bearing gifts in the form of seedlings and marigolds!

Saara is the supervisor of the Garden Apprentice Program at BBG and we were thrilled to play the role of eager students as she gave us an impromptu gardening lesson. She examined our soil and plants, and sad to say, folks, the chicken manure continues to haunt us. Crap (literally)! We tasted some of the lettuce and it was incredibly bitter. Blah! We removed it from the beds – 4 rows total. We were sad to see it go, but found comfort in the seedling replacements that went in its place. Hello Swiss Chard!
We also learned that our basil would be much happier if we split the plants. What we had thought were single plants of basil were in fact 6,7,8 different plants clumped together. Saara showed us how to split them without harming the roots. She actually used the word “blunt force” to describe how to pull them apart. I love that.

The all-knowing Saara.

It saddens me to say this, but we have a little more bad news…our Arugula. Or should I say argh!rugula. It already flowered and is on its way to seed! Oh no! Saara explained that when a burst of heat occurs early in Spring (which happened this year), a lot of plants start thinking its the end of summer and they need to hurry up and seed. Looks like that is the case with our Arugula. We are so disappointed. (David, Yemi and I realized that a couple other plants are experiencing the same phenomenon- a few peppers and strawberries. We believe that the nursery where we got the plants from sold us a lot of overly mature buggers. We will be more careful next year. You live, you learn, right?)

But on to the good news – after we removed the Arugula, it was replaced with Broccoli and Red Onions from Saara! We also made room in other beds for Cabbage, Sweet Basil, and Celery!

Thank you, Saara! You rock.

broccoli and red onions being welcomed with water!

hello celery!



  1. Sounds like your farm is really coming along! Sorry about your argh!rugula 😦


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