Posted by: David Watts | May 17, 2010

Welcome to Georgia’s Place!

Hi everyone! This is a blog for Georgia’s Place rooftop (farm). Georgia’s Place is a supportive housing residence for formerly homeless, mentally ill adults. We are located in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

At Georgia’s Place, we work with our residents to help weave them back into the fabric of society. This is done through social and psychiatric services, medical services, and nutrition/health education.

Last summer, we experimented with container gardening on our roof. It was a huge success and we found ourselves overwhelmed with tomatoes, peppers, and herbs aplenty! This year, we have expanded our rooftop garden with more plots and a variety of vegetables (kale, peppers, okra, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, to name a few!).

We are in the process of developing a full rooftop FARM in time for the 2011 growing season. We have a two-fold dream for our farm. Because most of our residents are on fixed incomes, oftentimes they buy the cheapest food, which is not necessarily the healthiest. By having easy access (just upstairs!) to organic, healthy, fresh vegetables and fruit, we hope to provide a healthy addition to their diets.  Not only that, we hope to use the farm as a learning tool to teach the residents and community members how to grow and harvest their own food!

This blog will serve to document our progress and enlist the help and advice of folks in the community!

Thank you for your support and happy planting!



  1. This is amazing! Is it possible for me to stop by to check out your roof? I would love to volunteer. I can’t believe this exists in Brooklyn. Your clients must be excited!

  2. I live in the neighborhood. Do you give classes on growing food to the public?

  3. This is great. Hopefully we can grow some food for brown rice family pretty soon, that would be so awesome

  4. exciting stuff! keep up the great work!

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